Management Team and Core Staff

Role Cat. Name Position Title Email
Co-Director Don Edberg League Co-Director
Co-Director Kathy Mock League Co-Director
Event Anthony James Photographer
Event Brian Burns Volunteer Coordinator
Event Eric Statz Director of Race Day Operations
Event Glen Stroik Chief of Course Setters - Manager
Event Jennifer Galstad Volunteer Coordinator Manager
Event John Bussey Loaner Bike Manager
Event John Jaeger Chief of Course Setters
Event Leigh Smith Timing
Event Rick Dwyer Director of Race Day Operations - Manager
Event Rick Haas Assistant Announcer
Event Roy Bailey Chief of Course Setters
Event Suzanne Hindman Registration
Event Tracy Romzek Registration Manager
Event Wade Flisram Staging Manager
Event Zach Covell Course Marshal Manager
Event TBD Venue and Course Selection
Program Joe Vadebonceour Board President and board formation/consultant
Program Joshua Blum Team Trail Corp Manager
Program Rachel Krentz Pitzone Manager
Program Sydney Shimko Coach Supporter/Grit Program Director
Program Todd Poquette Coach Supporter/Adventure Program Director
Program Tony Krentz Pitzone
Program TBD New Team Development
Support Amanda Schulze Sponsorship/Donations/Raffle Director
Support Angela Brooks Coach Supporter
Support Cheryl Mortvedt Merchandise Manager
Support Dave Bender Coach Supporter
Support Dave Karlovich Accountant
Support Greg Pullman Parking and Camping Manager
Support Josh Shively Coach Supporter
Support Laura Jonland Web Administer
Support Mark Kern Photography Manager
Support Matt Keon Rules and Social Media
Support Mike McGarry Coach Supporter Manager
Support TBD Camping Director